Coyocote82productions is the production company, who created various of YouTube reality shows. 2011-present. 

Shows ProducedEdit

  • Excel- 2011(2013)
  • Duane Wants Fame- 2013
Show No. Ep Year
Excel 10 2011(2013)
Wayniiboi (Season 1) 6(10) 2012
Wayniiboi (Season 2) 7 2012-2013
Daycare For Real (Season 1) 4(10) 2013
Duane Wants Fame TBA 2013
Daycare For Real 2: Back in the Daycamp TBA 2013
All Star Games: Friend or Foe TBA 2013
  • Excel was filmed in 2011, but was never released, in 2013, it was posted on Daily motion. 
  • wayniiboi had 10 episodes but at episode 6 it was not getting a lot of views, and was canceled before the 7th episode. 
  • Daycare For Real had 4 episodes, counting 5 after shows, and Amaiya's special. 

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